Evangelizing Louisa Payson (and Our Children, Too)

Quotes of Interest, The Gospel

In A Pastor’s Daughter, Louisa Payson Hopkins (a.k.a. Maria) recounted how her father, Edward Payson, taught her gospel truth.  She recorded this riveting exchange with her father (pp129-130): “Suppose you had been guilty of a crime for which you were tried; and of which, if you were convicted, the punishment would be death. While you are lying in prison, […]

Fancy It Forward:
September 16, 2015

The Danger of “Christianness”

Quotes of Interest, The Gospel

Gripped by this selection from Rejoicing in Christ by Michael Reeves: “. . . we naturally gravitate, it seems, toward anything but Jesus–and Christians almost as much as anyone–whether it’s ‘the Christian worldview,’ ‘grace,’ ‘the Bible’ or ‘the gospel,’ as if they were things in themselves that could save us.  Even ‘the cross’ can get […]

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April 7, 2015

O Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart’s Desire

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Hands down, my favorite hymn is O Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart’s Desire.  Written in the 7-8th century in Latin, it was translated by John Chandler into English in 1837.  There are two different tunes, one arranged by Handel in 1751 (Bradford) and another by George Greatorex in 1851 (Manoah).  I’m familiar with the latter […]

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August 30, 2013

Pastor Zeus

Church Life, Pastoral Ministry, Quotes of Interest

“Here, then, is the sovereign power with which the pastors of the church, by whatever name they be called, ought to be endowed.  That is that they may dare boldly to do all things by God’s Word; may compel all worldly power, glory, wisdom, and exaltation to yield to and obey his majesty; supported by […]

Fancy It Forward:
August 6, 2013

Calvin on Christian Liberty

Quotes of Interest

“We have never been forbidden to laugh, or to be filled, or to join new possessions to old or ancestral ones, or to delight in musical harmony, or to drink wine.  True indeed.  But where there is plenty, to wallow in delights, to gorge oneself, to intoxicate mind and heart with present pleasures and be […]

Fancy It Forward:
March 7, 2013

Do You Worship a Dime-Store God?

Quotes of Interest, Theology

“The Bible isn’t interested in whether we believe in God or not.  It assumes that everyone more or less does.  What it is interested in is the response we have to him: Will we let God be as he is, majestic and holy, vast and wondrous, or will we always be trying to whittle him […]

Fancy It Forward:
December 11, 2012

“Christians are not fussy”

Church Life, Quotes of Interest

“Christians are not fussy moralists who cluck their tongues over a world going to hell;  Christians are people who praise the God who is on our side.  Christians are not pious pretenders in the midst of a decadent culture;  Christians are robust witnesses to the God who is our help.  Christians are not fatigued outcasts […]

Fancy It Forward:
October 9, 2012