And God said, “Let there be Dark”

At  9am on a bright Friday morning, Roman soldiers crucified Jesus like they’d done a thousand other derelicts (Mk 15.25).  They drove spikes through his wrists or maybe they toenailed his hands.  They likely drove spikes through his heels on either side of the cross. They shot dice for his clothes.  Souvenirs of a Man hung there like a carnival sideshow.  Another day at the office. The execution went normally until noon when something […]

He Descended Into Hell

Since last summer we have enjoyed the fellowship and ministry of a local Presbyterian church.  They have lovingly allowed me the privilege of the pulpit while they seek a pastor.  When the heavenly accounts are settled, we will be indebted to this congregation for their kindness to us.  The weekly liturgy and encouragement has helped us consider Christ’s work in anciently refreshing ways. Our weekly liturgy includes the Apostles’ Creed.  I […]