Why Your Church Should Have Elders (Part 4)

Jesus loves the church and has richly provided for her eternal health and glory (Eph 4.7-16). He sustains the church through a well-ordered, humble, Spirit-wrought polity. The New Testament teaches and demonstrates that local church leadership should be entrusted to a plurality of qualified men who, though gifted differently, are equal in authority and responsibility. Both biblically and practically, your local church benefits greatly by having a group of men […]

Why Your Church Should Have Elders (Part 1)

For many a churchgoer church polity (how a church is governed) is not of great concern.  As long as there are plenty of programs, pennies and people then why fuss over a secondary issue.  But is polity as secondary as we assume? Church polity does not rise to the level of salvific importance.  Whether or not a local church has a plurality of elders does not determine if it’s a […]