Same Song, New Verse

I highly commend to you my co-pastor Preston G. Atkinson’s website New Wine, Old Skins.  He enjoys a poetic gift that provides new lyrics to familiar hymns and tunes.  Last Sunday we sang the following re-write to the same tune as How Firm a Foundation:

We give thanks to our God
Who from wrath he hath saved
We give thanks for his grace
We from sin who wert slaves.

I’ll sing praises loud, I will not be ashamed
How the mercy of God has become sinner’s fame.

We give thanks to our God
In our trials rejoice
For the weight of true joy
Was the Savior’s glad choice

I’ll sing of the cross, what the Savior endured
For my shame is redeemed and now hope is secured

We give thanks to our God
For his wisdom and might
Who became sin for us;
His own blood is my right.

I’ll sing for my soul has been sealed by his love
For my name has been signed in the lamb’s book above.

Thank you, brother, for sharing this precious gift with us.

4 thoughts on “Same Song, New Verse

  1. BJM … Lovin’ the new design. It’s fancy-er than before. Although that makes little difference if you are a blind man, I suppose. But I like it fo’ sho.

  2. Hot Shot,

    Considering you’re one of about four people who read BMF, StatCounter is more than enough. I have it just to give the appearance of popularity.

    Another great radio interview, by the way. Pray things are well at Christian Celebrities Worldwide.

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