Carson for President!

“As for democracy, if we promote it, we do so not because we take it to be an absolute good, still less as the solution to all political problems, and not even because it is an ideal form of government, but because, granted that the world is fallen and all of us prone to the most grotesque evils, it appears to be the least objectionable option. Our eschatology teaches us that the game isn’t over. The way we get to the end is not by military conquest, and not even by the ballot box, but by our Lord’s return – and meanwhile we engage in the proclamation of the good news about Jesus in word and deed and remember that he himself taught us that Caesar has a sphere, under God, that is to be respected, an authority that is to be obeyed” (D.A. Carson, Christ and Culture Revisited, p193).

Hear, hear! and amen.

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