Practicing for Heaven

“Is it true that what we will be doing for eternity is worshiping God?” he asked. “Well,” I said, “that seems to be what the Bible teaches,” briefly referring to Revelation 4-5.  “Hmm,” he said, “that sounds boring to me.” That conversation happened 11-plus years ago and still echoes loudly in my soul.  I was thrilled he was thinking about heaven. But he revealed more than personal contemplations about the […]

Lord of the Supper

Recently at lunch Amy served up a delicious round of cheesy-spinach dip (yes, I eat green stuff if smothered in cheese and called “dip”).  Fancy folk would dip fancy bread but we’re content with nachos.  As we started eating Lydia took a chip and broke it into small pieces.  She then passed a piece to everyone at the table saying, “It’s time for the Lord of the Supper.  Here’s the […]

Setting the Table

I grew up both a church rat and gym rat.  While I loved the gym far more than church, I was grateful when my childhood church built a gym.  I could be in the gym and at church at the same time.  Brilliant! Nothing energized me like hours of Sunday afternoon pickup games. My heart leaped to see new basketballs on the rack and fresh nets on the rims (the […]