Credit Where Credit is Due

I recently lambasted the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) for sending materials hostile to Calvinism to all SBTC churches (see the April 6 post). As fervently as I (and we as a church) objected, I must also commend the Executive Director (i.e. the head honcho) for his swift remedy.

This week I received his letter apologizing for the materials recently sent by the Director of Evangelism (i.e. a li’l honcho). According to this letter, the previous mailing was considered “not consistent with our repeatedly stated position on the latitude of interpretation concerning Calvinism within the Baptist Faith and Message.” Despite one’s feelings about the BF&M, it was at least used to define certain parameters. We’ve seen again the value of confessionalism in and among churches.

I certainly don’t think this settles the matter by any stretch. But, the humility and authority with which the letter read was a refreshing reminder that the SBC sky may not be falling after all. So, stop being mad (for now).

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