Jesus is Her King (For My Queen, on Her Birthday)

Listen, O daughter, give attention and incline your ear: Forget your people and your father’s house; then the King will desire your beauty. Because He is your Lord, bow down to Him (Ps 45:10-11).

Psalm 45 was a song written for the king’s wedding.  Israel’s handsome, valiant and humble king was joined to a radiant woman who “is all glorious within” (v13).  In vv10-11, we hear the bride’s father giving her away to her new husband.  He certainly didn’t mean for her to forget her family as if the never existed.  He meant the King-Groom was crazy about her.  Any thought of homesickness would pale in comparison to how much he desired her.  She need not fear if she’ll be taken good care of or provided for.  Her new husband desires here and what is best for her.

Given that Hebrews 1.8-9 quotes Psalm 45.6, we find the psalm’s glory displayed ultimately in Jesus Christ and his union with his bride, the church.  Jesus is the fair King with grace-drenched lips (v2).  Jesus is the Mighty One who is splendorous and majestic (v3).  Jesus earns his victory with meekness and righteousness (v4).  Jesus is God enthroned (v6) and praised forever (v17).

I can think of no more fitting text to honor my wife, my Queen, on her birthday.  She is indeed “all glorious within” and Jesus is her King.

She knows all my hypocrisy and still honors a fool.

She sees all my failures and still forgives my sin.

She knows all my secrets and still serves as if there were none.

She cleans all my messes and starts over the next day.

She endures my anger and still prays for my good in Christ.

Why?  Because Jesus is her Lord and she bows down to him.

She is my Queen.  Jesus is her King.  And I am a pauper allowed to feast on the crumbs at the King’s wedding reception.

I love you, my Queen.  Happy Birthday.

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