Joel Beeke on Unconditional Election

“Is Christ the mirror in which you see your election?  Do you believe in Christ as your only hope for salvation?  Do you see beauty in Christ, finding Him to be the altogether lovely one? Do you desire Christ for His own sake, not merely for the sake of benefits, such as heaven?  Oh, then you have Him and the seal of His election.  You are the elect of God, for the elect are known by their fruits (Matt. 7:20), and the crowning fruit is to know Jesus Christ, whom to know is eternal life (John 17:3).  If you can say, ‘Less than Jesus would not satisfy me, and more is not needed because more than all in Him I find,’ you are elect, for that is what saving faith believes.  As Ernest Kevan writes, ‘Nobody ever came to Christ because he knew he was one of the elect: he came because he needed Christ.’  The great sign of our election is this soul dependence on Christ” (Joel Beeke, Living for God’s Glory, p68-69).

Thank God that you treasure Christ (1 Cor 1.30).

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