Necrology 101

I usually read the daily obituaries for several reasons. One, it’s like reading a collection of biographies. Two, it helps to “number our days aright” in that our name will be listed someday soon. Three, it gives insight into what most folks hold dear. How will we sum our lives up in a sliver of a newspaper column?

The Austin American-Statesman publishes exceptionally good (i.e., full & informative) obituaries. However, I am met most days with profound sadness as lives are defined by degrees, jobs, pets and hobbies. Today was much different. I’ve never read an autobiographical obituary before, but I wept at how Janice (Jan) Bailey White remembers her life. It’s well worth cutting or printing this one out.

2 thoughts on “Necrology 101

  1. WOW! What a great idea. Forget all this nonsense about living wills, etc. Let’s all prepare a living obituary!

  2. Well, she made two of us cry. That is an exceptional thing that she did. I’ve thought about video taping myself, to be played at my funeral. The idea is for loved ones to actually be able to see me tell them that I love them one last time and to share with everyone there the gospel message (even though I trust that the pastor who “offciates” will do the same). I’d say “God bless her for writing that beautiful obituary”, but God has already blessed her, and she knew it. Instead I’ll just say “Praise the Lord!”.

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