One Thing by Sam Storms

“Only God can awaken in our souls the marvel and wonder of which he is worthy. God must restore in his people the mystery and excitement of the knowledge of all that he is for us in Jesus.”
(Sam Storms, One Thing: Developing a Passion for the Beauty of God, p149)

I joyfully recommend this book. If you like Piper you will love Storms. They swim in the same stream and share similar language. Storms even includes a chapter on Christian hedonism.

Worth the price of the book alone is the chapter titled “Sweeter Than All Pleasure.” On p. 129 Storms writes, “. . . the only way to liberate the heart from servitude to the passing pleasure of sin is by cultivating a passion for the joy and delight of beholding the beauty of Jesus.” And so goes the book’s premise: In Christ, God is not the thief of pleasure but the fulfillment of it.

Dr. Storms writes with a lay-friendlier pen than Piper, but with no less passion. As pastors direct their congregants to Bible-based, God-centered literature I would recommend One Thing before Desiring God simply for its digestible value. One Thing will stretch the atrophied muscles that a Desiring God will strengthen. Visit Storms’ media ministry, Enjoying God Ministries, for more information.

3 thoughts on “One Thing by Sam Storms

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Beej. Piper is on the radio here at noon, and I’m often recommending people to tune in, but when it comes to his books I’m a little more hesitant with whom I direct his way because sometimes his unique vocabulary is a hurdle, especially for the young or unlearned believer… And that’s difficult, because Piper has had such a unique impact on my life (as others). Oh, and I think you should send a free copy of Storms book to everybody that responds to this particular post of yours. What do you think?

  2. Hmm, you may be on to something, Shot. Perhaps we should promote our “Storm Chaser” campaign here at Maxwell Media Ministries (or M3 we like to call it in SW Madagascar). We could also throw in a year’s subscription to the sermons of FBC-Athens, OH (the real eye of the storm). I will workshop this. Have a great day, brother.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation of Storms’ ministry. One of my favorite messages at Piper’s Jonathan Edwards conference in ’03 was Sam’s message on Joy’s Eternal Increase!

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