“Christians are not fussy”

“Christians are not fussy moralists who cluck their tongues over a world going to hell;  Christians are people who praise the God who is on our side.  Christians are not pious pretenders in the midst of a decadent culture;  Christians are robust witnesses to the God who is our help.  Christians are not fatigued outcasts who carry righteousness as a burden in a world where the wicked flourish; Christians are […]

Phriday is for Peterson

“In fifty years of being a pastor, my most difficult assignment continues to be the task of developing a sense among the people I serve of the soul-transforming implications of grace–a comprehensive, foundational reorientation from living anxiously by my wits and muscle to living effortlessly in the world of God’s active presence.  The prevailing North American culture (not much different from the Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Roman cultures […]