(William) Still Waters Run Deep

“You may have heard the story of the man who went to the psychiatrist and told him that his problem was an inferiority complex.  The psychiatrist did his best with him, and then brutally, perhaps too brutally, gave his considered opinion.  ‘Your trouble is not inferiority complex,’ he said, ‘but just that you are plain inferior.’  Cruel, but probably true!

“There is a lesson here.  Some meddling ministers want to sort out everybody.  God is not so optimistic.  There are some who will die mixed-up personalities, and they may be true believers. (In some ways perhaps I am that, and hove no hope of ever sorting myself out.  Indeed, my salvation is to live with my oddities and partly put up with them, not to say help other people to put up with them, and partly rise above them to show that grace is better employed wrestling resignedly, realistically, cheerfully with our problems than demanding from God heavenly solutions on earth.)  Don’t try to do the impossible” (pp38-39).

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