25 Years Walking With Jesus

I have followed Jesus for 25 years today. Knowing my spotty track record, here are 25 thoughts on the journey so far.

  1. God makes Christians (Rom 8.29-30; Phil 1.29; 1 Pt 1.3-5; Titus 3.5).
  2. God keeps me a Christian (Phil 1.6; Jude 24-25).
  3. Most days I don’t feel much farther along than the day God saved me. Many days feel like I have regressed in faith and devotion.
  4. The devil is a real enemy (Jas 4.7; 1 Pt 5.8-9).
  5. Apostasy is a real temptation (Heb 3.6, 14).
  6. The longer I have been saved the more I want to be saved (1 Cor 15.1-3).
  7. I have not suffered nearly enough for Christ’s sake, which occasionally makes me wonder if I am Christ’s at all (Phil 1.29; 2 Tim 3.12).
  8. There is no other sort of Christian life than a robust church life (Eph 3.22-23).
  9. I have asked God to leave me alone during painful seasons (Ps 39.12-13). He didn’t.
  10. I have accused God of being unfair with me and he patiently helped me see otherwise (Job 5.18; Is 30.26).
  11. I am jealous of most other Christians, especially pastors.
  12. To read the Bible is to meet and walk with a Living Person (Heb 4.12-13; 2 Tim 3.16-17).
  13. It may not look like it but I really hate my sin, especially after I’ve willingly committed it.
  14. Following Jesus is not too high a standard to reach, but too low to want (Lk 14.11; Jn 13.12-20).
  15. I regularly want to appear more holy than I am.
  16. Christlike love is the epitome of Christian freedom (1 Cor 13). I am not yet entirely (or many days even remotely) free.
  17. I have many times shamefully weaseled out of sharing the gospel (Rom 1.16).
  18. Grace extended is grace received.
  19. Forgiveness is hard (Eph 4.32).
  20. Church busyness and honest-but-hokie programs rarely produce substantial Christian brother/sisterhood exemplified in the NT. “Discipleship” is not an industry or idea. It’s Incarnation.
  21. Spiritual ecstasy is seductive but illusive. Jesus is rarely where all the excitement is (Jn 5.1-9).
  22. Faithfulness rests on a million small, unseen moves we make every day/week rather than the “big” moves God makes on occasion. Following Jesus is often as mundane as walking from here to there, sailing occasionally, praying and eating together, stopping along the way to bless the overlooked. Daily dying to self.
  23. Take it from one who has regretted not doing so: just stay put, for Christ’s sake.
  24. Jesus is returning soon to set all things right (1 Pt 4.7). Including me.
  25. I cannot wait for the next 25 trillion years of walking with Jesus. He is worth everything.