Kairos Journal on IVF

Kairos Journal has a helpful article on Christians and in vitro fertilization.  The science and procedure are front-page news these days, which means they are front-pew issues.  Like many technological advances Christians are often swept up in the current before realizing there was one.

IVF is by no means an easy issue, especially for those struggling through infertility.  Those born via in vitro fertilization would undoubtedly have a strong opinion!  The science is a 21st century marvel but the fundamental issue is as old as time:  what is life and at what cost?

2 thoughts on “Kairos Journal on IVF

  1. I haven’t had a chance to register to see what the Kairos Journal says about IVF. However, it was a difficult decision with alot of “what ifs” for Elisabeth and I to hash through. Lis and I received alot of very wise counsel from Unity during our contemplations. Right, wrong, or indifferent, we are estatic baby Oliver is anticipated early May.

  2. Hey Roger,

    Oliver will be ecstatic as well! The article is quite fair, encouraging biblically-principled decisions without dogmatic assertions. Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend, Lord willing.

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