A Tale of Two Betrayers

Biblical Meditations, John, Luke, Mark, Matthew

Matthew weaves a subtle thread through his crucifixion account.  While all the Gospel writers detail Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, only Matthew records what happened to Judas afterward (Mt 27.3-5; cf. Acts 1.18f.).  He does so in such a way to compare and contrast Judas with Peter: two deniers of Jesus.  And in contrasting these two betrayers, Matthew magnifies […]

Fancy It Forward:
March 25, 2016

Should Christians Buy a Powerball Ticket?

1 & 2 Peter, Biblical Meditations, Christian Life, Current Events, Matthew

The current Powerball estimate is over $1 billion and counting.  It’s no wonder a recent article in The Atlantic cited this staggering statistic: “According to the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, lotteries took in $70.1 billion in sales in the 2014 fiscal year. That’s more than Americans in all 50 states spent on sports tickets, […]

Fancy It Forward:
January 10, 2016

Jesus, The Feminist

Biblical Meditations, Matthew

A woman beds her father-in-law and then blackmails him when she becomes pregnant. A prostitute conspires with two Israeli spies to ambush her town. A widowed woman dolls herself up to catch a man, her disenfranchised mother-in-law’s idea to stay solvent. A woman commits adultery with a king while her husband is deployed in the king’s war. A small […]

Fancy It Forward:
November 3, 2015

Jesus Cannot Be Serious

1 & 2 Peter, Biblical Meditations, Christian Life, Matthew

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you (1 Pt 5.6-7). I do a fair bit of worrying.  I worry about long-term, epitaph-related matters like vocation, character and legacy. I worry about our kids’ futures and […]

Fancy It Forward:
August 5, 2015

How Can a Sinless God Sympathize with Guilty People?

1 & 2 Corinthians, Biblical Meditations, Christian Life, Galatians, Matthew, The Gospel, Theology

As part of God’s sanctifying providence Christians must endure difficult seasons of frustration. Some will be brief and others lengthy, but they will all test our affections and whittle away our worldliness. Our questions will not always be about God’s power or authority but about his care. Will he indeed mend the wounds he is […]

Fancy It Forward:
September 9, 2014

The Difficulty of Praying “Father, You”

Biblical Meditations, Christian Life, Church Life, Matthew

I will never forget a life-altering lesson learned fifteen years ago from my New Testament professor at Southern Seminary (long live Mother Southern).  Dr. Mark Seifrid began each class with prayer.  But not just any prayer.  It was prayer remarkably different from the rote, I-know-exactly-what-this-deacon-is-going-to-pray-before-the-offering sort of prayers.  They were far different than the “bless […]

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September 7, 2013