You’ve Elected Trump, Now Start Fostering & Adopting

Christian Life, Church Life, Current Events

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump.  We live in a “red” state where the Republican candidate could’ve spared 650,000 third-party votes without affecting the outcome.  We could’ve helped loosen the media’s stranglehold on the two-party system.   And we could’ve helped to field more promising candidates in 2020.  In reality, a vote for Trump in Tennessee was […]

Fancy It Forward:
November 9, 2016

And God said, “Let there be Dark”

Biblical Meditations, Mark

At  9am on a bright Friday morning, Roman soldiers crucified Jesus like they’d done a thousand other derelicts (Mk 15.25).  They drove spikes through his wrists or maybe they toenailed his hands.  They likely drove spikes through his heels on either side of the cross. They shot dice for his clothes.  Souvenirs of a Man hung […]

Fancy It Forward:
November 1, 2016

Nineteen Years a Queen

Marriage & Family

Tradition suggests bronze or chili pepper roses for our 19th wedding anniversary.  We certainly don’t need another bronze sculpture. You’re not one for chili peppers or flowers so chili pepper roses seemed especially uninspiring.  And you’d rather get your fine jewelry from Target’s clearance rack. So, what’s a husband to do?  This husband can offer what he does least worst: […]

Fancy It Forward:
August 16, 2016

Ain’t No Bible on Rocky Top

Biblical Meditations

Tennessee legislators recently sought to make history.  They voted to declare the Bible the official state book of Tennessee that if signed would’ve been the first such law ever in America.  Tennessee has a state tree (tulip poplar), state bird (mockingbird), state butterfly (zebra swallowtail), and state fish (largemouth bass, of course).  Why not a state […]

Fancy It Forward:
April 21, 2016

Call Me Jamaal Sigvaldi Falco

Biblical Meditations, Christian Life

In 2013, PFC Bradley Manning was convicted as a national traitor for leaking classified military information.  He faces 35 years in prison.  Or does “he”? It seems Private Manning has declared himself to be Chelsea Manning, his long-time inner and true identity.  After his arrest he released this statement: “As I transition into this next […]

Fancy It Forward:
March 29, 2016

A Tale of Two Betrayers

Biblical Meditations, John, Luke, Mark, Matthew

Matthew weaves a subtle thread through his crucifixion account.  While all the Gospel writers detail Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, only Matthew records what happened to Judas afterward (Mt 27.3-5; cf. Acts 1.18f.).  He does so in such a way to compare and contrast Judas with Peter: two deniers of Jesus.  And in contrasting these two betrayers, Matthew magnifies […]

Fancy It Forward:
March 25, 2016